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VALENTINES DAY: Stay at home date ideas for you and your Valentine in Lockdown

VALENTINES DAY: Stay at home date ideas for you and your Valentine in Lockdown

We may be in lockdown but Valentines day isn't cancelled!

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder", a phrase that may resonate with you this Valentine ’s Day. But fear not, we have some lockdown date ideas that can be enjoyed together or apart from your special someone!


  1. Buy a fancy outfit but why not make it a fun challenge?

Perhaps you and your other half could take to some online shopping and pick an outfit for each other?  Whether you are at home or in separate places a special delivery is always exciting! You can put 'how well they know you' to the test!

  1. Order their favourite takeaway

Order your loved ones favourite food delivery to their door to make their day or if your special someone lives with you, enjoy your favourite take out with one another… or better still, show off your best culinary skills and cook up a feast together!

  1. Take a romantic stroll

Why not take the scenic root this Valentine ’s Day and enjoy the great outdoors in your local area. Play tourist in your own town and get discovering!

  1. Movie Marathon watch party

If you can’t quite snuggle up on the sofa and put on a romantic comedy, perhaps you could try the virtual version of watching TV together. Many streaming giants now have the option for a ‘watch party’, perfect for a movie marathon this Valentines day!

  1. Become a mixologist for one night only!

Bring the bar to you! Grab your favourite drinks and mixers and get creative with cocktail making. Why not name your creations after your favourite memories with your special someone!





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