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SETTING GOALS: Team GB sprinter Adam Gemili on how to set goals and save money in an uncertain world

Team GB spriner Adam Gemili knows only too well how short an athlete’s career is and like his fellow Olympic hopefuls is hoping the re-arranged Tokyo Games will go ahead this summer despite the coronavirus pandemic casting doubts over Japan being able to welcome the world for the biggest multi-sport event on the planet.

For those lucky enough to be in full-time work, cutting back their spending on driving (50%), costs of commuting to work (35%) and lunch spend during the week (34%) has helped them to focus on saving with 12.5 million of us having that lightbulb moment to put away money for a rainy day during the first lockdown last year (March-May).

 Wales has saved £983.90 on average since March last year with people in the territory wanting to squirrel away about £18,300 on average to live comfortably, according to Nationwide Building Society . About 71% of Wales think that COVID-19 will have a long-term impact on how important they think it is to have a savings buffer with 12% of savers experiencing a Lightbulb Savings Moment in March 2020.

 Half of us have thought more about savings because of financial worries caused by COVID-19, with many of us thinking to the future to make sure we are prepared for unexpected events, such as losing our jobs - however, only 46% of us have savings kept aside in case we lose our jobs or see our income reduce. Our No 1 goal is saving for a foreign holiday (29%) followed by staycations and getting a new job (7%) or going to a music (6%) or sports (5%) event.

With 2.8 million of us in the starting blocks to spend some of our savings on a sporting event, we turn to British Sprinter Adam Gemili who is in the USA training at the moment, to talk about the upcoming Olympics, what he has been saving for and the importance of having goals when it comes to planning for the future.

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