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INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE: The story of a woman who overcame domestic abuse

A toolkit to help children and young people recognise the key warning signs of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) has been launched by Women’s Aid in partnership with Yves Saint Laurent Beauty UK & Ireland.

The Expect Respect Healthy Relationship Toolkit will support schools on teaching about healthy relationships and promote healthy interaction between people across the country with the aim being the long-term eradication of abuse, opening up conversations on the root causes that lead to violence, as well as educating children and young people on gender-based violence.

About 28% of women say they would not consider blackmailing or humiliation (24%) as signs of an unhealthy relationship, when they can be indicators of IPV - which includes controlling behaviours, and physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse by a current or former intimate partner and its rates of prevalence have increased by 30-60% - while 32% of parents would feel uncomfortable talking to their children about what a healthy relationship is, according to research by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty UK & Ireland.

Around 28% of women have been the victim of love bombing - the practice of showering a person with excessive affection and attention in order to gain control of or significantly influence their behaviour - when their partner has bought them gifts to make up for bad behvaiour. Approximately 1 in 3 women will experience IPV but only a small proportion of survivors will obtain justice - one woman is killed by her partner every three days in the US, UK and France.

Alice Liveing, who is now a best-selling author and online fitness influencer, experienced domestic abuse at just 16 years old. She was trapped in a toxic relationship, suffering frequent physical and mental torment at the hands of the man she thought loved her. Like most victims, she only realised the extent of the abuse after she escaped the clutches of her manipulative boyfriend. She is available to talk about this experience and give advice on spotting the signs of a toxic relationship as well as highlight the support available for those feeling trapped in a damaging situation.

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