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DRAG RACE UK: Lawrence Chaney is declared Champion of Series 2!

DRAG RACE UK: Lawrence Chaney is declared Champion of Series 2!

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Ru Paul's Drag Race UK: Series 2 has crowned it's champion!

Glasgow-born, Lawrence Chaney was declared the winner of the series, beating 11 other Queens to the title. Prior to the Finale, all eyes were on Londoner Bimini Bon-Boulash but unfortunately for her, the Scottish star clinched the win in the end.

Glasgow’s very own drag royalty, Lawrence Chaney is the drag act of Helensburgh-born Lawrence Maidment. Born in 1996, Lawrence has been performing drag since the age of 18, in and around the Glasgow drag scene. The name Lawrence Chaney was thought up from Lawrence’s love of silent movie actor, Lon Chaney. The actor was renowned for his groundbreaking artistry with makeup. She gave a nod to her birthplace in maxi-challenge ‘Queen of your hometown’, with a Charles Rennie Macintosh’s Hill House-inspired frock - with “extra-extranessss”.

The 24-year-old has told how he grew up being bullied in school, but went on to become a popular comedic drag act. Now, she is a witty, hilarious, purple-loving, slang talking, Irn Bru chugging, realness serving RuPaul superstar. And viewers loved every second of her!

On the show, Lawrence has spoken openly about the lack of recognition for the Scottish drag scene, and how Glaswegian queens pull together to produce creative performance on a low budget.

Following on from her win, Lawrence will now be flown to Hollywood to record her own mini-series with the producers of the BBC Three show.

You can catch the Ru Paul's Drag Race UK: Series 2 Finale on BBC iPlayer


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