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LOST CELEBRATIONS: Research shows 737 million celebrations missed after one year in lockdown

Research shows 737 million celebrations missed after one year in lockdown.

It’s safe to say joyful moments have been hard to find over the past year. As a nation that has had to miss a whopping 737 million celebrations because of the pandemic, we are firmly looking to the future and return to some sense of normality. 

When that time comes, we are most keen to meet up with family and friends (53%), eat out in restaurants (53%), travel (49%), and even just regain the ability to make spontaneous and last-minute plans (33%).

On average, we have each missed five Birthday celebrations, 40% of us have missed a wedding, and 38% have gone without meeting a new baby in their family or friendship group, according to new research from Krispy Kreme. 

So, during the pandemic, where have we been successful in finding our little moments of happiness? For the most part, it has been while spending time in nature (33%), with those in our bubbles (32%), or with our much-loved pets (31%). 

Katherine Templar-Lewis has provided 5 top tips for remaining happy as we wait for those days when we can see friends and family again.


Whether it is meeting one other person in the park for a walk or a socially distanced coffee or jumping on a video call with family or friends; feeling a sense of belonging and spending time with loves ones is sure to bring a smile to both parties.


Be generous – whether it is bringing a sweet treat to someone’s doorstep, smiling at a stranger, or donating to a food bank these will all bring a smile to you and the recipients. 


Whether it is your favourite movie, or playlist putting on something rooted in familiarity and good memories is sure to boost your mood. 


Most of the UK has gone for more walks in the past year than ever before – but it’s true that being outdoors, taking in the fresh air and beautiful scenery and just being in nature is a sure-fire way to make you smile and feel better.


Everyone has a favourite meal, comfort food to a sweet treat that is guaranteed to bring a smile. Whether it is a pie just like Mum used to make or your favourite takeaway; indulge in a treat every so often if it helps to keep you smiling.

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