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HOSPITALITY OPEN AGAIN: Meet the team behind a brand new venture as customers experience the ‘new normal’


HOSPITALITY OPEN AGAIN - This is just one of the many hospitality venues that has had a few days now to bed in as they welcomed back customers for the first time, as the roadmap continues to ease.

No scenes like this just yet in Wales it’s worth adding. This brand new venture Lucarelli have opened in rather unique times, but despite a few initial hurdles, they here to stay!

Alessandor’s the General Manager here - and opened for the very first time this week - and there have been some new aspects to the experience  - al part of this “new normal” that he and his team have had to implement.

That date of the 17th May in England is one so many businesses owners will be eagerly awaiting - the date for guests to be welcome indoors, making so many more restaurants a viable proposition post-pandemic.

The hospitality sector employs more than three million people and accounts for £130 billion of economic activity, with 90% of companies in the hospitality sector that of small businesses.

For now though, it’s all about following the clear guidelines - from providing your details when you arrive, to wearing face coverings in indoor settings - as Dr Sarah Jarvis explains.

Jarvis has been working with Beko on research that suggests the nation's attitudes towards cleanliness and hygiene has changed as a result of the pandemic. 

Back to the restaurant and as the tables fill up, for now Alessandro’s excited to continue doing what he does best...

You can find out more about Lucarelli here plus the research from Beko here

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