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TOO FAR GONE: Is 50+1 ownership realistic for football?


Football fans are protesting to force through 50+1 ownership but is it an achievable feat to push for?

Since the announcement of the Super League, fans have mobilised to show the owners of their clubs they're unhappy.

The breakaway league was halted and fans have now turned their attention to bigger issues.

They want to be represented on the board of clubs across the country to have their say in the process of decision making.

However, how realistic is it to think it may go through?


Owners are power-hungry and won't go easily


The owners of clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United will not hand over a large chunk of shares.

It may potentially take a vast amount of money to buy them out of their controlling portion.

With Manchester United, it becomes even more unclear. They're a public limited company and are on the stock market.

How do they control the shares with people buying and selling shares across the world?

The United Kingdom government and football's governing bodies have expressed interest in helping.

Bringing in a law may be the only way this actually ends up happening.




Unless the owners are proactive.

As a show of their willingness to take their supporters seriously, they may bring about a way for this to happen.

It likely wouldn't be the 50+1 model, but rather another scheme that gives fans a say.

Either way, supporters are becoming aware of their power. They are the lifeblood of football clubs.

Without them, sport is nothing. The owners need to show they understand this and do something about it as soon as possible.

Otherwise, they risk another chaotic series of protests when fans return to grounds.

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