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PEOPLE RESCUED: People reportedly heard banging from the lorry

Video: South West News Service

This is the moment police rescued ten suspected illegal immigrants from the back of a refrigerated lorry after people reportedly heard banging from inside.

The new video shows rescued people sitting on the pavement while others emerge from the back of the Italian-registered vegetable lorry.

Confused-looking people can be seen getting water and a man who appears to be the lorry driver is seen with his hands behind his back.

The group of ten had been heard banging on the walls of the lorry before traffic police stopped the vehicle on the A24 in Findon Valley, Worthing, Sussex, at 6.45pm yesterday (27).

Sussex Police confirmed the ten people have been check over by paramedics

A spokesperson from Sussex Police said the driver has been arrested on suspicion of immigration offences and taken into custody.

Matthew Bushby, 27, works as an electrician and was driving the car as his girlfriend Georgia Hoy took the video, said: "We felt really sorry for them being in a refrigerated lorry, and Georgia wanted to take them out cups of tea.

"They looked so cold and really uncomfortable.

It was such a surprise to see this so close to home.

"We were quite shocked.

"I've lived here my whole life and I've never seen anything like this before.

"We're about an hour and a half from Dover.

"I was just on the way back home from work.

"I was nearly there and they pulled over the lorry right in front of me.

"Afterwards we just kept thinking how sorry we were for them because of how far they have to come and what they have to go through to flea wherever they have run from.

"It's really sad."

Words: Kate Pounds, South West News Service

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