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NETFLIX AND LOCKDOWN: Which movies have helped up over the last year?


We might’ve missed out on new film releases over the past year, but this hasn’t stopped us from making our way through movies from the comfort of our own homes.

It comes as no surprise that comedy has topped the charts as the nation’s favourite film genre (34%), and the light-hearted genre is closely followed by thriller 33% and drama 32%. Inevitably, disaster films are one of the least favourites (7%), according to research by the new network of channels, ‘Great!‘

It can often be a tough decision to pick a film depending on who we’re with and what we’re in the mood for. Typically, if we’re feeling sad or lonely, we stick on a comedy or drama and if we’re feeling happy, over a sixth (17%) of us opt for action and adventure. Surprisingly, horror (11%) is one of the top choices when we’re feeling stressed or anxious. With no new releases, 1 in 7 (14%) Brits said they watched more classic movies during the pandemic than ever before.

When it comes to our favourite fictional heroes, James Bond (22%), Indiana Jones (18%) and Sherlock Holmes (14%) came out on top. Keeping with the classics, The Joker (19%), Darth Vader (15%) and Count Dracula (14%) were the chosen villains.

Popcorn and a drink are the traditional duo for watching a film, however 40% of Brits voted for crisps as their favourite film snack, followed by popcorn and sweets (34%), whilst fizzy drinks (27%), wine (17%) and beer (16%) are the favoured drink choices. Snack selections have however changed slightly due to being at home and only a short walk from the kitchen with biscuits (16%), cheese (9%), yoghurt, toast (6%) and cereal (5%) being among the list of nibbles.

Revisiting an old classic or finally getting round to seeing that movie on our watch list, Andrew Collins is on hand to talk about films trends over the past year, Brits’ likes and dislikes in genres, characters and more. As a film critic, scriptwriter and broadcaster, Andrew has bundles of knowledge about the big screen and how classics are making a comeback!

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