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PASSING TIME: Formula One helping Wales prepare for Euro 2020

PASSING TIME: Formula One helping Wales prepare for Euro 2020

PA - Nick Potts


Adam Davies has revealed how getting to grips with the Formula One game on Playstation has put the Wales players on track for Euro 2020 success.

Robert Page’s squad checked into their Baku base on Monday night and the hotel overlooks part of the city centre track used for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix the previous day.

But it is the video version of the race that several Wales players have been getting themselves acquainted with, as the usual major tournament distractions of pool, darts and table tennis take a back seat for now.

“About eight or nine of us have got wheels for it and set up our own little Grand Prix,” Stoke goalkeeper Davies said about the Formula One game.

“We’re all in different rooms and can connect to one lobby. We’ve been playing the Baku course as well and it’s been fun, really good.

“David Brooks is really fast, and it’s a little bit annoying as I’m probably the second best out of everyone."


DJ Duties


Davies is also in charge of the squad’s disc jockey duties before games as mixing tunes is a personal hobby.

“I’ve had the last job for the last couple of years,” Davies said.

“I put a couple of mixes and some good tunes on to get the lads up for the game. It’s quite Housey, very upbeat. I’ve got some decks at home as a friend of mine got me into it.

“It took me a couple of years to get used to it. But it’s something I do in my spare time, I love it.”

Danny Ward is expected to get the nod ahead of Davies as Wales take on Switzerland in Saturday's Euro 2020 opener.

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