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“LOOMING CATASTROPHE”: Brexit risks the future of British music talent, according to Sir Elton John

“LOOMING CATASTROPHE”: Brexit risks the future of British music talent, according to Sir Elton John


Sir Elton John has said musicians are facing a “looming catastrophe” because of post Brexit travel restrictions on touring in the European Union.

New travel rules came into force at the beginning of the year that do not guarantee visa-free travel for musicians in the EU.

Sir Elton revealed that last month he had met with Brexit minister Lord Frost, his husband David Furnish and Craig Stanley, an agent at the Marshall Arts touring agency, to discuss the issue.

He wrote on Instagram: “Put bluntly, we are currently in grave danger of losing a generation of talent due to the gaping holes in the Government’s trade deal.

“New and emerging artists will be unable to tour Europe freely – an essential part of their education and development – due to the prohibitive costs of visas, carnets and permits.

“However, despite this looming catastrophe, the Government seems unable or unwilling to fix this gaping hole in their trade deal and defaults to blaming the EU rather than finding ways out of this mess.”

Sir Elton John’s statement on post-Brexit touring rules for musicians was read out by Craig Stanley, an agent and promoter at the Marshall Arts touring agency, during a Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee hearing.

After reading out the musician’s statement, Mr Stanley added: “I think there’s this whole drain of talent going away from the industry which will not actually have the ability to grow and nurture.

“It goes without saying that it’s in our culture that the Beatles had to go to Hamburg to become a band.

“That’s still true today.”

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