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THEATRE: David Walliams tests out model helicopter on visit to Billionaire Boy set

THEATRE: David Walliams tests out model helicopter on visit to Billionaire Boy set

PA MEDIA / Dominic Lipinski

David Walliams took a test run in a model helicopter as he met the cast of a West End production of his children’s book Billionaire Boy.During a visit to the show’s set at the Garrick Theatre in London, the comedian took a moment to try out the on-stage prop.

The theatre show based on the best-selling tale of Joe Spud, the richest boy in the country, opens on Saturday.

Walliams previously said: “I am absolutely delighted this fantastic family show of my book is coming to the West End.

“It is really funny and I can’t wait to see it again.”

In April the show returned to the stage as part of a drive-in series and toured 15 locations across the UK, including Newbury Racecourse, Bristol Airport and Knebworth House.

It had originally begun a national tour in 2019 but was halted by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Billionaire Boy was published in 2010 and adapted for TV by the BBC in 2016, before Birmingham Stage Company made it into a theatre show.

The tale follows 12-year-old Spud, who owns a sports car, gets £100,000 a week in pocket money and has two crocodiles as pets.

However, he does not have a friend and decides to join the local comprehensive school in search of one.

But things do not go as planned and life becomes uncertain as he tries to find what money cannot buy.

Birmingham Stage Company have previously adapted Walliams’ children’s book Gangsta Granny, which toured in 2017 and also took to the stage at the Garrick Theatre.

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