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THE VISIBILITY QUEEN: This North Wales woman is on a mission to help your business be seen


North Wales’ visibility queen Kat Massey has brought 15 business women together for a brand new book with the aim of providing a helping hand for women everywhere who might be struggling. 

As we know, Wales is absolutely bursting at the seams with talented entrepreneurs, but when everything shut down and moved online 18 months ago many were suddenly left wondering ‘what do I do now?’ That’s where local author and mental health advocate Kat Massey stepped in.

Before coronavirus

In February 2020, Kat decided she wanted to help business feel more seen, so she became the Visibility Queen. However, this entailed lots of face to face meetings and networking events…so you can image what happened next.

Could she move her work online, and would this be effective? There was only one way to find out.

Being seen during a pandemic

Very quickly, Kat found that she wasn't the only one who was forced to hit the ground running.

Business owners across Wales who operated face to face, heading in and out of people's homes were suddenly told they had to stop. And those who couldn't adapt to our new online world, were in a lot of trouble.

Suddenly it was her job to makes sure these businesses didn’t get lost in the noise of the pandemic, and marched on with her mission of keeping them seen.

Throughout the process, she got to know the people in her network on a more personal level, and was blown away by their incredible life stories, and the adversity that they had overcome.

18 months later, and Kat thought it was about time to bring these women's stories together in one book - Seen.
Many of us experienced unprecedented challenges throughout the past year and a half, taking a serious toll on our physical and mental health, and the hope is that by telling these women's stories that it could offer people a different perspective.
The kindle version of Seen will be available for pre-orders from 28th September, with the official launch on 10th October to coincide with Mental Health Awareness week.

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