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UK ‘heatwave’ looms: 28C heat approaching

UK ‘heatwave’ looms: 28C heat approaching

Netweather chat for mid-August

The Met Office issued an extreme heatwave warning last month after the mercury soared past 30C for many parts of the country, as another UK ‘heatwave looms.

Don’t pack away the sunglasses and beach towels just yet, as Many parts of Britain could soak up another heatwave later this month following Storm Evert’s torrential rain and floods across the UK.

Last month, the Met Office issued an extreme heatwave warning when the mercury soared over 30C for most parts of the country. Since then, temperatures have fallen and numoerous weather warnings have rolled out for wind, thunderstorms and rain.

However, the latest weather charts from NetWeather show the UK turning 'red' again around August 14, with forecast temperatures hitting highs of 28C in southern parts of the country as the next UK ‘heatwave’ looms.

If these charts prove accurate, a mini-heatwave could soon hit the eastcoast of the UK around the morning of August 12, pushing temperatures up slightly towards 23C in East Anglia and slightly lower at 22C in London and surrounding areas.

These temperatures are expected to rise throughout the day, hitting highs of 27C in large parts of Southern England, and 26C in the Midlands and more northern areas of the UK.

The warm weather is expected to continue into the following day, hitting highs of 25C by midday across England and Wales, and slightly lower at 23C in the North East and Southern Scotland.

The ‘heatwave’  is expected to continue into Saturday August 14, with highs in London and parts of Northern England hitting around 27C by midday and 26C in a small area of Wales.


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