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FROM HOLLYWOOD TO WREXHAM: We reflect on the Wrexham takeover with author Andrew Foley-Jones


We are reflecting on the Hollywood take over of Wrexham AFC with local author Andrew Foley-Jones.

It has not been the easiest of rides for Wrexham AFC, but fans like Andrew have stood by the club through thick and thin, with some making huge sacrifices to keep their team afloat.

And now, it feels like that resilience and determination is really paying off, thanks to two Hollywood superstars.
Ryan Reynolds is one of the most successful and adored actors of the past decade, and Rob McElhenney brought to our screens one of television's funniest and extreme series with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
And as we know something did happen, something that a lot of us couldn't quite believe at first. When the news broke, Andrew was already writing his next book, but couldn't just let the take over go without a mention.
So with a few changes, he was able to incorporate this monumental moment for North Wales into his writing, to create it's almost always never sunny this side of Wrexham, which follows the story of a Wrexham fan who wakes up in a coma in 2030, and is confronted with everything that has happened in the years he's been asleep, the good and the bad.

Having legally represented the club during the recent period of fan ownership and been involved in the blockbuster deal to sell it to the popular duo – who count Deadpool, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, X-Men and Mythic Quest among their acting and producing credits – Andrew is thrilled to have completed the book in time for the new season and hopes it will be well-received by all involved, including Rob and Ryan themselves.

“I’m sure a deal can be done for the movie rights as long as I’m not played by Danny DeVito!” he said.

“To have played a small part behind the scenes in getting that deal over the line was a great thrill; I was wearing my lucky Wrexham AFC shirt and it was the early hours of the morning when the sale was completed.

“We were all delighted at the possibilities this could bring to the club, the town and the whole of North Wales.

“After what we’ve been through, the position we are in now is incredibly exciting, it’s wonderful to feel such optimism around the place – it’s a good news story in a time of despair and it’s really captured the imagination of so many people all over the world.”

Andrew added: “You can’t help but glimpse into the future and wonder what’s next. Maybe some of the things I bring to life in the book do happen? Joe Wicks as the next Prime Minister? Hugh Jackman taking over at Chester FC? Rob and Danny DeVito drinking pints at the Turf? North Korea’s Supreme Leader watching from the Directors’ Box?

“The beauty of it is that no-one knows what’s around the corner, but we can all dream the underdog just might have its day.

“Wrexham AFC has a long history, a heart and soul, and this is arguably the biggest thing that’s ever happened to us. Like life, supporting the club has been an emotional rollercoaster, and this book is much the same, so I hope people enjoy it and come along for the ride.”

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