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NATIONAL NEWS ROUNDUP: 300,000 suspected of breaking travel quarantine rules AND new cancer-detecting blood test trialled


Now it’s time for your national headlines from across England and Wales, including nearly a third of those entering the UK and NI are thought to have broken travel quarantine rules, a new NHS blood test thought to detect up to 50 types of cancer is trialled, and praise for British tennis star, Emma Raducanu.

TRAVEL QUARANTINE: Nearly a third of those entering the country from abroad are thought to have broken quarantine rules, its been reported.

Figures seen by the BBC show three hundred thousand cases were passed to investigators between March and May - the Home Office now says they plan to conduct home visits to suspected rule breakers.

The government were not able to confirm how many of those investigated were found to have broken the travel quarantine rules, or the number of those that could not be traced altogether.

CANCER BLOOD TEST: Thousands of people will take part in an NHS trial for simple blood test that can detect more than 50 types of cancer before symptoms appear.

The Galleri test, which is currently available in the US, can detect cancers that are not routinely screened for and can pinpoint where in the body the disease is coming from with a high degree of accuracy.

Catching cancer early is vital to people receiving prompt treatment and the test has the potential to save thousands of lives in the UK every year.

It works by looking for chemical changes in fragments of genetic code – cell-free DNA (cfDNA) – that leak from tumours into the bloodstream.

Some cancer tumours are known to shed DNA into the blood a long time before a person would start experiencing symptoms.

The Galleri test does not detect all cancers and does not replace NHS screening programmes, such as those for breast, cervical and bowel cancer.

In the US, it has been recommended for people at higher risk of cancer, including the over-50s.

As part of the NHS trial, which is the world’s largest, blood samples will be taken from Monday at several mobile testing clinics in retail parks and other community locations.

The NHS aims to recruit 140,000 volunteers in eight areas of England to see how well the test works in the health service.

TENNIS US OPEN: Former British number one Annabel Croft has labelled US Open champion Emma Raducanu as a “very, very special star” whose life has changed overnight following her Flushing Meadows win.

Playing in just her second grand slam tournament, 18-year-old Raducanu won all 20 sets she played in qualifying and the main draw to become the first British woman to win a grand slam singles title since Virginia Wade lifted the Wimbledon trophy in 1977.

Having gone from a relative unknown to a grand slam champion, Croft believes Raducanu’s life will never be the same as she hailed her on-court ability.

“I think she really is a very, very special star because these people don’t come around very often,” she told BBC Breakfast.

“You can clearly see there’s been an enormous amount of hard work throughout the course of her life. She’s only very young, she’s 18.

“Everybody will want a piece of her and she seems to be so incredibly mature about everything, even the way she speaks and the way she handles the press, I think she’s incredibly natural.

“So I think they’ll want to definitely try to keep that I would say, I hope they don’t train her too much because she’s got it all – but you know for her, her life has changed overnight.”

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