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FUSTRATING: Parking permit schemes for Wrexham residents fail to progress

FUSTRATING: Parking permit schemes for Wrexham residents fail to progress

only one permit scheme has been approved by Wrexham Council in recent years

Politicians have united to voice their frustration over a failure to progress parking permit schemes for residents living close to Wrexham town centre.

Councillors representing nearby areas have long complained of cars being left on residential streets by shoppers and workers in the town.

The issue is said to have left many people unable to park on the street where they live.

Despite repeated calls for a solution, only one permit scheme has been approved by Wrexham Council in recent years.

However, the measures for residents on Ruthin Road have still yet to be implemented three years after they were ratified.

Cllr Alun Jenkins, who represents the Offa ward, said: “Residents on Ruthin Road voted for a parking permit scheme outside their own houses three years ago.

“For years they had been unable to park because people opted to park there for free to go to work or to shop in the town.

“It would have been the first of its kind in Wrexham and therefore an important pilot to see if it worked as a scheme.

“I’m incredibly disappointed that we’re still waiting for the scheme to become fully operational and enforceable.”

He added: “I understand Covid has led to some delays but this should have been up and running before Covid and the pandemic hasn’t stopped many aspects of council work.

“I just don’t think the council appreciates how frustrating it is both for residents and councillors, who have made consistent representations to improve parking for residents in the ‘doughnut’ surrounding the town centre.”

A dedicated task force of councillors set up to explore residential parking schemes announced it had decided to disband earlier this week.

The decision was made after members expressed their annoyance at the lack of action taken by the council to resolve parking problems.

Smithfield representative Adrienne Jeorrett, who was part of the cross-party group said: “Many residents contact me with complaints about not being able to park in their own streets because people opt to park there to walk into town to shop or work.

“We’ve had a long-running task and finish group aimed at tackling this problem but we seem to be banging our heads against a brick wall when it comes to officers recognising that this is a problem that affects hundreds of residents in my ward as well as others.”

Cllr Marc Jones, of the Grosvenor ward, said the problem needed addressing urgently as more people move to live in the town centre.

It follows the approval of a number of planning application to convert empty commercial buildings into apartments.

He said: “I’m all for town-centre living and it’s a trend that’s been happening for the past few years now.

“However, none of these new apartments or flats have parking and people still need cars for work or leisure activities.

“It’s inevitable that, unless there are options available, they’re going to park in neighbouring streets.

“These terraced streets are already being used by people working in the town centre and that means residents can’t park in their own streets.

“The council’s parking permit scheme is not working – it needs reviewing but we’re getting nowhere at the moment.”

Wrexham Council has been asked to comment.


Words: Liam Randall, Local Demcoracy Reporter

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