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COP26: What are you doing personally to help the planet?

We asked members of the public about COP26 and what they’re doing to help the planet

So what’s the recent activity for COP 26?

Sir Molwyn Joseph, environment minister for Antigua and Barbuda, accused some developed countries of getting away “scot-free” from their climate finance obligations, and called for them to “step up” before the conference is over.

The chair of the Alliance of Small Island States said he is preparing to leave the UK on a plane home without knowing the result of the UN Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow after the summit went into overtime.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Sir Molwyn said: “I must say publicly that the Cop President (Alok Sharma) has worked very hard, I believe he is sincere in getting a fair and just settlement on this issue and what he needs is the co-operation and acceptance from the larger countries, the developed countries that they are responsible and they must step up.

“I don’t think it is a lack of effort on his part, I just think that for too long these large emitters have gotten away scot-free by not stepping up and paying for the damage they have done.

“This is not charity and this is not handouts. This is simple: you have done severe harm to small islands – Tuvalu is disappearing – what more evidence (is needed)?”

Asked whether the Glasgow conference has been a disappointment, he replied: “I’m here returning to Antigua and Barbuda, I’m here at Gatwick to board a plane without knowing the outcome. There are some hours left and I’m hoping that common sense will prevail.”

Nigel Topping, UN high level climate champion for the UK, said Glasgow is likely to lead to progress on keeping global warming to 1.5C that would have been “inconceivable” in 2019 at the last Cop summit.

Speaking before having time to read the latest draft text from the summit, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We are going to come together and get an agreement and it looks like the Paris rulebook will be completed – that’s very significant in terms of trust in the multi-lateral system.

“The document cannot deliver 1.5C but it is going to include a lot of references to the science, to the urgency, and 1.5C as the new north star for the first time ever – that’s a really big deal and would have been inconceivable in Madrid at the last Cop.”

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