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SWANKY BAR: Cocktail bar planned for Towyn

SWANKY BAR: Cocktail bar planned for Towyn

Two neighbours wrote to the council to object to the plans

Residents in Towyn will soon be able to enjoy a Piña Colada or Mojito if a new swanky bar gets the go-ahead.

James Tinker has applied for permission to convert his newsagents on Towyn Road into a cocktail bar.

Tinkers Newsagents is now applying for a licence to sell alcohol while the shop itself will be moved to a nearby retail unit also on Towyn Road.

Graeme Rich runs GAR property consultants and prepared the planning application on behalf of Mr Tinker and said everyone in Towyn was excited about the new bar.

“At the moment, it’s a gift shop, but James is changing it to a cocktail bar with some outside seating area at the back and creating a fuller frontage,” he said.

“Obviously the next step is to apply for the alcohol licence. He’s going to open the bar for the tourist trade and locals, and presumably he wants it open as soon as possible.

“The work that needs doing is cosmetic really. He’s got to strip out the shop as at the moment it’s a glass shop front. He’s going to open up the shop front with folding doors, and then inside, down the left-hand side, there will be seating booths. The bar is going to be right at the back, facing you as you walk in, and then on the right-hand side there will be a mix of tables.”

He added: “I think it’s something new for Towyn. Obviously there are existing drinking establishments, but I don’t think there is a cocktail bar. The hospitality industry has suffered over the last couple of years, and the bar seems to be having a lot of support on Facebook as something new for Towyn. James has been in Towyn a long time. His family lived in Towyn for a long time. He’s well known in the area.”

Conwy County Council’s public protection department has recommended that outside seating is restricted after a set time each evening.

But two neighbours wrote to the council to object to the plans.

One neighbour wrote, “The beer garden will be serving until late. I’m concerned about the noise levels.”

Another neighbour wrote: “I believe this will cause a noise issue. The shop fronts are full of litter and broken glass each morning, so I’m guessing the back (of the building) won’t be any different.”

Towyn and Kinmel Bay Town Council have no objections to the plans as long as the fire escapes are fit for purpose.


Words: Richard Evans, Local Democracy Reporter

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